Muqeem Khan
This demo encapsulates the possible manifestation of Middle Eastern indigenous dance, Al Ardha, in the form of a serious gaming environment. The presentation also illustrates the interconnection and possible transformation of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) content, such as traditional dances, into a digital kinesthetic learning system. The system is called Mimicry Understanding and Safeguarding Environment (MUSE). It is designed to help museum visitors learn traditional or indigenous dances with the help of motion-sensing technologies. MUSE is a multidisciplinary research project and is expected to analyze the intricacies of various indigenous dances, particularly the Arabic sword dance. MUSE interface is expected to facilitate museum visitors? awareness, learning, and practice of the Al Ardha dance of the Middle Eastern region. Through its easy-to-learn and userfriendly interface, MUSE can facilitate and foster playfulness and user engagement to enhance the experience of museum visitors.