Takuto Nakamura, Narihiro Nishimura, Michi Sato, Hiroyuki Kajimoto
When a wire hanger is placed sideways on the head, and the temporal region is sandwiched by the hanger, the head rotates unexpectedly. This phenomenon has been named the ᄡHanger Reflexᄀ. Although it is a simple method for producing pseudo- force sensation, the use of the wire hanger in this way has up until now been limited in posistion to the head. Here we report a new finding that when a wrist or waist is equipped with a device of a larger circumferance the arm or the body rotates involuntarily. This fact suggests that the Hanger Reflex principle might be applicable to parts of the body other than the head, leading to the possible compact whole-body force display. This paper documents the development and testing of the devices and, suggesting stable presentation of the rotational force