Jiawan Zhang, Yanli E, Jing Ma, Yahui Zhao, Binghan Xu, Liting Sun, Jinyan Chen, Xiaoru Yuan
utility services, evidence-based decision making, visual analytics, aggregate
Issues about city utility services reported by citizens can provide unprecedented insights into the various aspects of such services. Analysis of these issues can improve living quality through evidence-based decision making. However, these issues are complex, because of the involvement of spatial and temporal components, in addition to having multi-dimensional and multivariate natures. Consequently, exploring utility service problems and creating visual representations are difficult. To analyze these issues, we propose a visual analytics process based on the main tasks of utility service management. We also propose an aggregate method that transforms numerous issues into legible events and provide visualizations for events. In addition, we provide a set of tools and interaction techniques to explore such issues. Our approach enables administrators to make more informed decisions.