Diana Fernandez Prieto, Eva Hagen, Daniel Engel, Dirk Bayer, Jose Tiberio Hernandez, Christoph Garth, Inga Scheler
The increasing amount of data generated by Location Based Social Networks (LBSN) such as Twitter, Flickr, or Foursquare, is currently drawing the attention of urban planners, as it is a new source of data that contains valuable information about the behavior of the inhabitants of a city. Making this data accessible to the urban planning domain can add value to the decision making processes. However, the analysis of the spatial and temporal characteristics of this data in the context of urban planning is an ongoing research problem. This paper describes ongoing work in the design and development of a visual exploration tool to facilitate this task. The proposed design provides an approach towards the integration of a visual exploration tool and the capabilities of a visual query system from a multilevel perspective (e.g., multiple spatial scales and temporal resolutions implicit in LBSN data). A preliminary discussion about the design and the potential insights that can be gained from the exploration and analysis of this data with the proposed tool is presented, along with the conclusions and future work for the continuation of this work.