Thomas Schops, Jakob Engel, Daniel Cremers
3D Reconstruction, AR, Direct Visual Odometry, Mapping, Mobile Devices, NEON, Semi-Dense, Tracking
We present a direct monocular visual odometry system which runs in real-time on a smartphone. Being a direct method, it tracks and maps on the images themselves instead of extracted features such as keypoints. New images are tracked using direct image alignment, while geometry is represented in the form of a semi-dense depth map. Depth is estimated by filtering over many small-baseline, pixel-wise stereo comparisons. This leads to significantly less outliers and allows to map and use all image regions with sufficient gradient, including edges. We show how a simple world model for AR applications can be derived from semi-dense depth maps, and demonstrate the practical applicability in the context of an AR application in which simulated objects can collide with real geometry.