David Molyneaux, Selim Benhimane
Augmented Reality, Depth cameras, GPU, Gaming, Marker-less tracking, Real-time 3D reconstruction, SLAM
We present “It's a Pirate's Life” demonstration, an Augmented Reality (AR) game which makes use of real-time 3D reconstruction and tracking using an Intel (Registered) RealSense (Trade Mark) camera system embedded in a tablet to build a dynamic game world. Players can play as a pirate ship captain searching for gold on a virtual sea overlaid on the real-world. Real-world objects become part of the play space; islands in the tropical seas which you have to navigate your ships around while avoiding cannon balls to find the treasure. Players control the wind, and hence, direction of sail by moving the tablet around the play space to guide the virtual ship in the real and virtual environment to the pirate gold.