Timo Oster, Dirk J. Lehmann, Gordon Frau, Holger Theisel, and Dominique Thevenin
I.6.6 [Simulation and Modeling]: Simulation Output Analysis
Direct Numerical Simulations of premixed combustion produce terabytes of raw data, which are prohibitively large to be stored, and have to be analyzed and visualized. A simultaneous and integrated treatment of data storage, data analysis and data visualization is required. For this, we introduce a sparse representation tailored to DNS data which can directly be used for both analysis and visualization. The method is based on the observation that most information is located in narrow-band regions where the chemical reactions take place, but these regions are not well defined. An approach for the visual investigation of feature surfaces of the scalar fields involved in the simulation is shown as a possible application. We demonstrate our approach on multiple real datasets.
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