Stefan Gladisch, Heidrun Schumann, Mathias Ernst, Georg Fullen, and Christian Tominski
I.3.4 [Computer Graphics]: Graphics Utilities- Graphics editors
Usually visualization is applied to gain insight into data. Yet consuming the data in form of visual representation is not always enough. Instead, users need to edit the data, preferably through the same means used to visualize them. In this work, we present a semi-automatic approach to visual editing of graphs. The key idea is to use an interactive EditLens that defines where an edit operation affects an already customized and established graph layout. Locally optimal node positions within the lens and edge routes to connected nodes are calculated according to different criteria. This spares the user much manual work, but still provides sufficient freedom to accommodate applicationdependent layout constraints. Our approach utilizes the advantages of multi-touch gestures, and is also compatible with classic mouse and keyboard interaction. Preliminary user tests have been conducted with researchers from bio-informatics who need to manually maintain a slowly, but constantly growing molecular network. As the user feedback indicates, our solution significantly improves the editing procedure applied so far.