Kai Lawonn, Tobias Moench, and Bernhard Preim
I.3.3 [Computer Graphics]: Picture/Image Generation-Line and curve generation
Line drawing techniques are important methods to illustrate shapes. Existing feature line methods, e.g., suggestive contours, apparent ridges, or photic extremum lines, solely determine salient regions and illustrate them with separate lines. Hatching methods convey the shape by drawing a wealth of lines on the whole surface. Both approaches are often not sucient for a faithful visualization of organic surface models, e.g., in biology or medicine. In this paper, we present a novel object-space line drawing algorithm that conveys the shape of such surface models in real-time. Our approach employs contour- and feature-based illustrative streamlines to convey surface shape (ConFIS). For every triangle, precise streamlines are calculated on the surface with a given curvature vector field. Salient regions are detected by determining maxima and minima of a scalar field. Compared with existing feature lines and hatching methods, ConFIS uses the advantages of both categories in an e ective and flexible manner. We demonstrate this with di erent anatomical and artificial surface models. In addition, we conducted a qualitative evaluation of our technique to compare our results with exemplary feature line and hatching methods.
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