Visualization has become an increasingly important research area due to its wide range of applications in many disciplines. EuroVis began as the Eurographics Workshop on Visualization in Scientific Computing in 1990. In 1999, in Vienna, the event was first held as a symposium under the new short name VisSym. In 2005, the gathering was renamed to EuroVis and has enjoyed continued growth and success.

The objective is to foster greater exchange between visualization researchers and practitioners, and to draw more researchers in Europe to enter this rapidly growing area of research. EuroVis has an expanded scope to include all areas of visualization, and a steadily more wide-spread visibility that allows to achieve a more wide-spread impact.
EuroVis 2015, May 25-May 29Cagliari, Sardinia, ItalyProceedings EuroVis 2015: Full Papers | Short Papers | STARs
EuroVis 2014, Jun. 9-Jun. 13Swansea, WalesProceedings EuroVis 2014
EuroVis 2013, Jun.17-Jun.21Liepzig, GermanyProceedings EuroVis 2013
EuroVis 2012, Jun. 05-Jun. 08Vienna, AustriaProceedings EuroVis 2012
EuroVis 2011, May 31-Jun. 03Bergen, NorwayProceedings EuroVis 2011
EuroVis 2010, Jun. 09-Jun. 11Bordeaux, FranceProceedings EuroVis 2010
EuroVis 2009, Jun. 10-Jun. 12Berlin, GermanyProceedings EuroVis 2009
EuroVis 2008, May 26-May 28Eindhoven, The NetherlandsProceedings EuroVis 2008
EuroVis 2007, May 23-May 28Norrköping, SwedenProceedings EuroVis 2007
EuroVis 2006, May 08-May 10Lisbon, PortugalProceedings EuroVis 2006
EuroVis 2005, Jun. 01-Jun. 03Leeds, United KingdomProceedings EuroVis 2005
VisSym 2004, May 19-May 21Konstanz, GermanyProceedings VisSym 2004
VisSym 2003, May 26-May 28Grenoble, FranceProceedings VisSym 2003
VisSym 2002, May 27-May 29Barcelona, SpainProceedings VisSym 2002
VisSym 2001, May 28-May 30Ascona, SwitzerlandProceedings VisSym 2001
VisSym 2000, May 29-May 31Amsterdam, The NetherlandsProceedings VisSym 2000
VisSym 1999, May 26-May 28Vienna, AustriaProceedings VisSym 1999
EG ViSC 1998, Apr. 20-Apr. 22Blaubeuren, GermanyProceedings EG ViSC 1998
EG ViSC 1997, Apr. 28-Apr. 30Boulogne sur Mer, France 
EG ViSC 1996, Apr. 23-Apr. 25Prague, Czech Republic 
EG ViSC 1995, May 03- May 05Chia, Italy 
EG ViSC 1994, May 30-Jun. 01Rostock, Germany 
EG ViSC 1993, Apr. 21-Apr. 23Arbingdon, United Kingdom 
EG ViSC 1992, Apr. 27-Apr. 29Viareggio, Italy 
EG ViSC 1991, Apr. 22-Apr. 24Delft, The Netherlands 
EG ViSC 1990, Apr. 23-Apr. 24Clamart, France