Mark Billinghurst
HIT Lab NZ at the University of Canterbury

The 2013 Virtual Reality Technical Achievement Award goes to Mark Billinghurst of the HIT Lab NZ at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, in recognition of technical developments that have significantly advanced research and commercialization in the field of Augmented Reality. Professor Billinghurst has been working in AR for over 15 years and has contributed to significant advancements in the field such co-developing the ARToolKit tracking library, novel interaction metaphors such as Tangible AR, innovative systems such as the MagicBook transitional AR interface, and the first collaborative AR system for mobile phones. His research has been commercialized through four AR companies he has co-founded, and software released into the open source community has been used by hundreds of thousands of developers and millions of end users. His efforts in AR research, commercialization and communication has contributed significantly to the growth of the entire field. The IEEE VGTC is pleased to award Mark Billinghurst the 2013 Virtual Reality Technical Achievement Award.