Claudio T. Silva
New York University
Technical Achievement Award: 

The 2014 Visualization Technical Achievement Award goes to Claudio T. Silva, New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering, in recognition of seminal advances in geometric computing for visualization and for contributions to the development of the VisTrails data exploration system.

Claudio has made seminal contributions to many areas of visualization and graphics, including point-based modeling, surface reconstruction, isosurface generation, out-of-core and streaming visualization techniques, and unstructured volume rendering. Having participated in interdisciplinary projects, his contributions have had impact in multiple scientific domains. He has also developed widely-used visualization and analysis tools, including the open-source VisTrails system.

The IEEE Visualization & Graphics Technical Community (VGTC) is pleased to award Claudio T. Silva the 2014 Visualization Technical Achievement Award.